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  1. Lethal Hero

    Truth comes out

  2. Lethal Hero

    So what's good?

    So what's good with the clan world? Are mains a thing again? Do I need to check forums more often? What's going on in the world... someone fill me in pls
  3. Lethal Hero


    please tell me that's not you in your picture hahaha please thnx for the topic mrm vry inspired
  4. Lethal Hero

    accounts for sale

    I'll buy it for $75 and I'll smoke you out if you live close to me
  5. Lethal Hero


    yfz my boiii whats good man hahaha Summer '16 comeback? I'll try. whats good brooo! FAMMMM <33 Shut up genesis Sheli.... genesis pride worldwide I'll be seeing ya soon brownie
  6. Lethal Hero


    every once in a while I come by these forums with intentions of sticking around but I'm just too wrapped up in the reality of my life rn. But my junior year's coming to an end so I'll be able to breathe a little bit more and possibly come around if there's anything to come around to, I miss fucking niggas up from time to time. butttt 1. is the clan world really still existing LOL damn but is main clanning dead? only pures? 2. Who still plays this game from like 2-3 years agooo, wheres fat boy mrm and ba42 and sheli and sesemea and SWANTON WHERE'S SWANTON 3. how's cd doing 4. how are all of you
  7. Lethal Hero

    Just a reminder to everyone

    are you in college yet pussy
  8. Lethal Hero


    bloodarrow said he would give me an account to play again wya ba42
  9. Lethal Hero

    three questions

    1. how the fuck are yall still alive?? how is the clan world still alive?? 2. How has Calu not been kicked out yet 3. WHERES MY BOY 3BS LMFAO
  10. Lethal Hero

    Runescape DeadMan Mode - Thoughts?

    sus as fuckkk
  11. Lethal Hero

    Tuesday: Stomping the world

    Same shit different scenery for CD I see. Solid job nigs.
  12. Lethal Hero


    accurate as fuck lmaooo
  13. Lethal Hero

    i need to grind out some levels. still 47 cb

    hey bae yo, get on ts today buddy fine I will download right now.
  14. Lethal Hero

    Want auto-member in CD?

    this nigga almost sucked my dick for 300k lmao