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    A proper goodbye

    tagpro champ
  2. We received faxes from numerous informants within the ranks of Legacy that they were planning a joint-PK trip with (some rev team). We quickly got 50 men up into the wilderness and awaited their next move. After Legacy officials argued in their rank discord about when to try logging in on us, they finally grew a pair and logged into the world. We instantly hit them on login and cleared half of them, before the other clans could even login. By the time the rest of the clan world showed it was too late. After just 3 minutes of getting slaughtered, Legacy ran and tele'd. They attempted to crash our fiights even after their embarrassing performance and got completely wiped. Better luck next time Legashit. Light work. @Massing @`bryan~
  3. Swat

    [pov] cd sunday

    Man like brap goodshit
  4. felt merky so i specced a guy 2-2 shots had him for ballista nd all dat. yadunknow
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    Norway Mosque Incident

    evil people, dunno how someone can just claim a life like that.
  6. Swat

    cave sweep ft. ags/tome etc

    cd making all kinds of guap #mostactive
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    i'm more surprised the ugly cunt managed to get a girlfriend to begin with
  8. thats how you do it folks
  9. we started our evening by setting up some p2p action with fatality. we knew this would kickstart another action packed friday. we quickly massed up 32 shooters and and proceeded to our first fight of the night. legacy tried doing some unorthodox weird ass attempt on crashing 5 minutes in to the fight only to get cleared by foe on login. we continued our marvelous evening fighting almost everywhere you can think of. from al-kharid to falador and even went for a quick stroll to gdz. were we fought with resistance and apex.
  10. solid performance lads, thank you to everyone who attended. also thank you ly for being so dead you cant even crash a 30min pkri.