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  1. jay


    Welcome back man
  2. Today was a beautiful day for the purple lords at CD HQ. We massed up for a F2P event vs Fatality, unfortunately they cancelled due to not pulling enough. So we asked around & thankfully we got Outrage & Rage to both accept the last minute F2P Pkri. Manage to mass up 35, later peaking at 45 for this amazing event. Thanks to both clans that accepted last minute, looking forward to more great action. Not much else to say, but everyone that showed up knows that it was complete domination from start to finish. Fighting both clans, knowing we were going to get focused since we had most opts, our swift movements made us unstoppable and the opposing clans were not able to keep up. Towards the end we realized that Rage & Outrage were both fighting in singles for some time, clan was getting boring so we decided to let them tussle & end. again thanks for the last minute fight Rage + Outrage. btw legacy no where to be found AGAIN lmfao GZ on 96 hp
  3. jay

    been smoking ly members since 2012

    Bunch of vets back in this video. Good times man
  4. team 7 forever on my back, good times though
  5. jay

    CD rev trip 26/08/19

    good shit
  6. jay


  7. Today we the beautiful purple army of Abdullah's mass up 36 purple lords, peaking later at 42 in teamspeak, literally having a blast, with the start of our trip having glorious pure on pure action. Later ending our trip bullying Legacy to level 3 wild, and not letting them pass above level 5 wilderness. Lmfao Shout out to all the boys that showed up First fights, were amazing clusters between Apex,Outrage,Fatality. Fights from Draynor Jail, to GDZ with 0 impact from our so called rivals "legacy" lmfao. After the amazing amount of pure action, & witnessing LY trying to mass log tanks in and managed a great (10 man tank unit) LMFAO, we sounded the horns and the beautiful raggers of Mother Abdullah woke up, & rest of the trip we just bullied Legacy from Glory Hill, to Corp Hill, then bullied to edge ditch and made them end lmfao.
  8. jay

    Funniest thing iv seen in ages

    lmfao the boy is flower golden