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  1. 14k_Et


    is your room mate a chick? if so just nail her and she'll stfu
  2. 14k_Et

    a good day on rot ts

  3. 14k_Et

    He came out of the closet lol

  4. 14k_Et

    Mayweather Vs Maidana #2

    king of boxing right there
  5. 14k_Et

    Nigga got slapped lelelle

    dats bennie and own u l0l
  6. 14k_Et

    Story Time : Troll the Retard

    no1 was on every1 sleeping lol
  7. 14k_Et

    Story Time : Troll the Retard

    can't ban some1 if there using mibbit unless they get mac ban because ip ban is easy to bypass
  8. 14k_Et

    Story Time : Troll the Retard

    i made him go to nardah lmfao
  9. 14k_Et

    Story Time : Troll the Retard

    the skiller part in his name theres actually 3 i's instead of i and 2 ll's
  10. Session Start: Sat Jun 28 01:43:48 2014 Session Ident: Pvp_SkiIIer (01:43:48) Session Ident: Pvp_SkiIIer ([email protected]) (01:43:48) (Pvp_SkiIIer) Jay (01:44:00) (Pvp_SkiIIer) [14k] (01:44:03) ([14k]) ? (01:44:12) (Pvp_SkiIIer) can i borrow ur acc for a few mins (01:44:23) (Pvp_SkiIIer) luring 300m with joshua (01:45:09) ([14k]) whos joshua (01:45:20) (Pvp_SkiIIer) my bud from Foe lol (01:45:44) (Pvp_SkiIIer) he's waiting on me.. the kid we're luring is with him l0l (01:45:54) (Pvp_SkiIIer) ill give u 50m split (01:45:59) (Pvp_SkiIIer) bc i get 150m (01:46:23) ([14k]) bro (01:46:41) (Pvp_SkiIIer) ?? (01:46:43) ([14k]) i cant lend you my acc i have no bank pin and i have a couple bil =/ (01:46:46) ([14k]) and i hardly know you (01:46:49) ([14k]) lol (01:46:56) ([14k]) you know what i mean right? (01:46:58) (Pvp_SkiIIer) im ranked in rot bro (01:47:05) (Pvp_SkiIIer) i wont mess up all these years ive been in rot (01:47:07) (Pvp_SkiIIer) for this lol (01:47:18) ([14k]) bro (01:47:22) (Pvp_SkiIIer) i have maxed bank and so does josh (01:47:22) ([14k]) your not a rank (01:47:38) ([14k]) i wouldnt trust my own grandmother on my acc bro (01:48:26) (Pvp_SkiIIer) lol (01:48:31) (Pvp_SkiIIer) im halfop.. (01:48:43) ([14k]) half op isn't ranked bro (01:48:45) (Pvp_SkiIIer) ive been on every ranks acc on trips (01:49:21) (Pvp_SkiIIer) ask any rank on right now (01:49:26) (Pvp_SkiIIer) theyll say they can vouch (01:50:03) ([14k]) dude no1s on (01:50:05) ([14k]) its 4 am (01:50:13) (Pvp_SkiIIer) thats why im asking you (01:50:14) (Pvp_SkiIIer) lol (01:50:14) (Pvp_SkiIIer) (01:50:20) (Pvp_SkiIIer) no 1 is on to ask for it (01:50:28) ([14k]) why would you tell me to ask any ranks that are on then ? (01:50:34) (Pvp_SkiIIer) please trust me (01:50:37) (Pvp_SkiIIer) incase u find one (01:50:40) (Pvp_SkiIIer) leave pm (01:50:57) (Pvp_SkiIIer) or can you lend my pure 150m to lure with? (01:51:30) ([14k]) alright (01:51:40) (Pvp_SkiIIer) thx (01:51:40) (Pvp_SkiIIer) w1 mid? (01:51:45) ([14k]) meet me w327 (01:51:48) ([14k]) im at nardah (01:51:59) ([14k]) 4 dosing pots bro (01:52:12) ([14k]) can you come to me ? (01:52:20) (Pvp_SkiIIer) can u tele varrock (01:52:20) (Pvp_SkiIIer) :\ (01:52:29) ([14k]) im making pots and dosing them bro (01:53:05) (Pvp_SkiIIer) add i die try i (01:53:08) (Pvp_SkiIIer) pm you (01:54:11) (Pvp_SkiIIer) ur pm off (01:54:32) ([14k]) on bro (02:01:27) ([14k]) you suck at this bro.. so many failed attempts go kill yourself bro you braindead fuck bro some1 find out what clan I Die Try I is in
  11. 14k_Et

    Is this reals?