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  1. Mav

    Justin Bieber @ Court

    i want to punch him in the throat with my .40 because of how much of a pussy he is
  2. Mav

    30 years in Prison

    he's black, of course he committed the crime...
  3. Mav

    Money making?

    buy rsgp
  4. Mav

    I got it!

    who gives a fuck
  5. woulda got popcorn and watched
  6. Mav

    Bulk Rune Items for Sale!

    yeh i get all my sets and shit off her she's gud2go
  7. Mav


    You know Obama is putting the GI Bill on the same boat as welfare? Saying pretty much that the people who have gave it all for this country shouldn't receive free schooling after their deployments and what not. Makes me sick, I can't wait for that idiot to be out of office. On topic though, Welfare is a good thing, but is abused by too many. Especially where my home city, its abused by over 65% of the people who live in it. Bunch of lazy pieces of shit who will take our money instead of making their own. I believe every person who collects any type of welfare check should be required to pass a drug test. Florida did it, and it worked out for them.
  8. walgreens is better anyway
  9. Mav

    Legacy Combat

    not reading that
  10. Mav

    i buy den all

    buying all slaves. must be african american and/or asian pm me on forums, i pay gud
  11. Mav

    i buy den all

  12. Mav

    3 hrs of abbys ;]

    i give u chicken eggs 4 whip
  13. Mav


    are you retarded yh u
  14. Mav


    so i dont get it do u guys fuk or something?