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  1. This was our first real fight and Nick who was only 13 years old but sounded like he was 20 was leading this clan. He worked hard for this clan at the early days in 09 up to 12. Nick cared for the members and he treated this clan as a family. I dont think this clan would have gotten to where it was back then without him. We pulled 70 people and fought higher forces. Bt was our first rival clan who lasted for a long time Farewell Jason.
  2. 10 of us made the pure clans shake their boots
  3. Own u 1107

    chance111 old post

    was posted a while back. Someone linked me this pic now. I think it was around the time imp joined us?
  4. Own u 1107

    Monday: Ending cp (legacy bitch clan) in F2P

    learn your place
  5. We used to do this sht back in the days. Pk, fight other zerk clans and open cc. Later on the day crash main clans and they couldnt do sht back to us at lvl 20 wild cuz we were too low combat. Now this is similar thing, we are mains camping pures who cant do sht back. If you remember cd crashing days open cc 09, 2k10 and 2k11 mainly before we turned to a serious clan/team.
  7. Own u 1107

    Wednesday 5 est meeting

    Be on, everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. We are planning things and discussing how we wanna go with this. 5 est be on
  8. Own u 1107

    last time we camped a cp sam clan

    This was so satisfying to watch. Imagine being bullied at your own battlefield (mossies) and end up walking back down haha. Funny thing is they had more people than us, but we were used to being mains back in the days, and outsmarted them.
  9. Own u 1107


    it has to be fun or else we wont continue. I got faith we will have more fun than all of the clans combined because we be hitting many clans and they will fear us.
  10. Own u 1107


    fuck yes everyone is welcome to come Cd ts - cd-rs.teamspeak3.com
  11. Own u 1107

    A proper goodbye

    Be on tomorrow around 5-6est for a proper good bye and we can play tagpro for the last time everyone is welcome to come
  12. Own u 1107

    Critical Damage - Closing the Doors

    It was nice and sweet ride. Take this time to recharge your battery and be ready for the return.
  13. Own u 1107

    Time to come out

    So legacy has been thinking i was warlord for the past 2-3 weeks. They flamed me ingame and said dumb things thinking i was warlord. Not just them but others clans like Apex been thinking that for some reason like example at the 2 vs 2. i thought legacy had a spy, but apparently they dont know the rank is a troll and didn't bother to check that my forum account has different rank. Legacy made topic today and they finally checked my forum account which has the same rank the whole time. Its just funny how they try to say cringe things that only make sense if this wasnt a troll rank. oh btw this wasnt just some legacy members, but the whole rank team fell for the troll, because they followed me few times and spammed on me , and i was just laughing at them.
  14. Own u 1107

    Keefsosa300? is he ok

    a proof of drug user problem
  15. btw was just kidding, ofc i remember you.
  16. Own u 1107

    Own U after he's done fingering his asshole

    not going to react to this
  17. Own u 1107

    ownu standing his ground

  18. Own u 1107

    F2P Fighting Style

    great points there, something to think about. Clumping is even more important now, so we should really practice on that considering how much improvements needs to be made on that area.
  19. Own u 1107


    yooo long time ma