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  1. magician80

    why is op still trying?

    You put that kid in a coffin
  2. magician80

    How did you find out about CD?

    I don't remember the instance we met, but I remember that Volcanic Fox recruited me. He was a chill guy and we talked in ts a bunch, but I think he is taking a break for school. Perhaps he'll be back this summer. Anyways, I'll be there this summerfor sure :D magician80 / memerl0rd420
  3. magician80

    Important Poll

    lel u trol
  4. This trip was fun, a lot of good clan 1v1's around graves
  5. magician80

    Sleeping Habits

    Hell yeah to dabs and an AC/fan in darkness. Although I have dark blue LED lighting in my room which is usually on and I can only really pass out after the vyvanse wears off and the klonopin kicks in lmao...wtf are sleeping habits, I'm so fucked. Stop trying to be a successful nigga with your add meds. The rest of us don't get the same handicap you cheater
  6. magician80

    Sleeping Habits

    I used to do this hellaz, I'll probs be back at the end of summer
  7. magician80

    Sleeping Habits

    I like a good 13 hour rs grind sesh before bed. Sometimes I fall asleep while I'm high alching. Sometimes I high alch for 8 hours and call it a good night's sleep
  8. magician80

    Favorite moments in CD

    Kush claiming he was a police officer. Enough said
  9. magician80

    Ez 1m

    savage nigga
  10. magician80

    Favorite moments in CD

    Kush was obnoxious, but it was hella funny when he called that chick and asked her to describe the first time they had sex. She was like, "When you went down on me, wasn't I on my period?" Then ts just lost their shit that was soooo fucking funny.
  11. magician80

    Magican80 is staying active you fucks

    Does anyone else not have anything to say in the forums? I feel like this sentiment may be shared by other members as well. Please share you thoughts on this subject in this thread. 8=================================D Love you guys
  12. This is me posting to stay active. I don't have anything to say, but enjoy being a part of a runescape community. Please don't kick me lol
  13. magician80

    Runescape Bonds Are Here!

    thanks for posting this, I didn't want to look on the internet for it myself
  14. Hey guys, after I get 70 range and 50 attack I will be looking for at least one p2p pking partner. The DPS weapons in my aresenal include flames of zamorak, magic shortbow, rune knives, or rune crossbow. Finisher/KO weapons include granite maul spec or dark bow spec. Lmk if you have any interest or tips for me Magician80