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  1. Noticed a few people were piping up in our wild, so we went out with 5 shooters later peaking at 18. Started off the trip by clearing some randys that piped up at bandits for some decent loot. Proceeded to scout the wild and clearing every single randy/ragger we found. Got intel that legacy bitch clan "crazy pkers" were at high altar, we fought them down opts and out leveled and later massed up 18 people and cleared them out of our wild. Know your place fucking faggots.
  2. Went out with 20, and destroyed the whole pure scene. - Cleared legacy 100x in singles and ruined every single fight they had. - Rage pulled 85 people and lost every single fight they had. Cya next weekend retards. Tired of having shitty ass trips? PM any CD officials to make a deal! Use code: CDWINSAGAIN10 for 10% off! Bonus shoutouts: MEDIA: (Legacy & Rage pov uploading lmfao)
  3. LOL After forcing the pure community to belive we closed, we sent out several members to go spy in order to have best intel in the pure community. We peaked at 44 and mantained around 35. No clans are safe. Want us to off? - Rage: Kick TBR & Pabz and pay 1.5b - Foe: Pay 64B - Legacy: We will hunt you down until you close. Discord: https://discord.gg/YWrxUWN Media: WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU UPLOAD THIS LMFAO???? CD GOONS listening to Legacy audio on teamspeak:
  4. Hansis

    F2P Fighting Style

    f2p wild: tbh if u have a solid 10-15 ppl returning in binds the whole trip, ur gonna be unstoppable. If clans take advantage of this, there will be alot less movements and all about moving as a group. Imagine a situation where we are up 10 on a different clan on corp hill, if they start moving south they are littealy gonna get fucked, simply becuase we can catch so many people from behind. Would even almost consider doing 5-7 snipe binders, and everyone with 1 def should bring binds. Crashing/getting crashed will also be tricky, as your gonna lose so many opts trying to reposition if u get focused, will probs cause clans to do fights closer to singles. F2P CWA: Will need alot of testing before you can figure out whats best, will defo be alot less scim pushing and more focused on staying clumped and picking off people with bows. EDIT: Thought it was entangle they were adding, but my point still stands just to a smaller degree.
  5. After humiliating legacy in F2p, forcing them to take off their own cape and clearing them all trip. We were ready to kill them again in P2P. We were down quite a lot as cp sam had invited everyone and their nan to the trip including have 90+ signed up. We were looking forward to chasing legacy all trip, but since they have 0 intel on anyone and have a compeltly useless leadership, they sat at the bank for the first 30 minutes of the trip. Legacy ended up doing nothing all trip except die to foe and everyone who crashed their fights LOL. We got word that the new clan resistance was fighting fatality at boneyard, we quickly ran to ruins, rushed from the east, catching them in huge clumps and making them teleport out. Foe rushed after, fought them until they had more opts ingame and then tellied out. Big mistake: Legacy hit us in singles with 65 people against our 50. Being the stronger clan, we easily picked up 5+ kills and made at least 10 kids teleport before dipping out to get some real action. Got word that a fight as going on at Falador, we quickly teleported in to get a Gwas on Resistance. Clearing the rats at falador: no pk for faggots Got a fight versus rage at boneyard: Had a weaker north side, that caught them in huge clumps and managed to tank it south and kill some more rage before foe rushed in. Pics/vids:
  6. ANOTHER ONE LMFAO Jesus christ they fucking suck
  7. Tbh pretty funny that hormone (clan friend) was carrying for them