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Guest Ⱬeke

Critical Damage History 2009 - 2016

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Guest Ⱬeke
Credit: @Mmbros
2009: The beginning






Crimson Knights an open CC team led by britty one of the dominant CC teams around the BH/PVP era was around, 2 individuals decided to open a new team named Critical Damage those 2 were and forever will be our founders some shamed the name but they still are apart of what we are today. xxpurangez, cd black cd. After continuous battles against CK eventually britty abandoned her team and decided to join Violent Resolution slowly chipping away at what once was a dominant CC team. After previous attempts to decided which one of the 2 would be the soul leader cd black cd taking members into his cd when xxpurerangez was away. One day xxpurerangez caught this and eventually the team split into 2 teams (Critical Damage, Bad Timing) which ended up in a new rivalry between teams.






2010: Domination






Many top clans realized that we we're a factor in whether they won or if they lost. We never intended to have allies and in the end ended up having Violent Resolution as an ally after trucing. After a while Violent Resolution took sides with Bad Timing we started a crash war which we played an important role in. We made them lose #1 to RoT, made them lose to clans such as Solace. After Violent Resolution lost the crashwar, we left all beef alone and never bothered with this clan. We started our second crashwar with Echo Of Silence for helping Bad Timing out, which shortly after all BT got kicked/left EoS, therefore we left it all alone. We crashed a lot of clans during this time, and we never really cared who we hit. It was always fun and laughs then after awhile we wanted a serious war, so we set up a fight with Higher Forces for a one week prep that would be one of the best, and hardest fights we ever had. Pulling 58 on teamspeak and getting pumped, knowing what was coming with previous intentions on doing better because Violent Resolution crashed our previous fight. We ended off 2010 as a blast and kept dominating the wilderness and crashing.








2011: The Beggining






2011 began to pick up for CD, we became known in the clan world for the recent crash wars we were involved in. Many of our rivals began to die, Bad Timing going into a deep slump since they were banned from the wilderness, XO closing and mass joined DK which BT soon followed after, then after awhile DK began to crumble because of there past rivalries. We began to make a name for ourselves and becoming one of the most dominant PvP teams out there in the wilderness. Everyone knew who CD was whether we were hated or loved. We began to demonstrate our power in the wilderness, went through a stage of rage and crashed many clans. Divine Forces was one of the best making a top clan lose 3 wars in a row and having there members saying it was our fault. Now as of August 10, 2011 we've decided to become an official clan. The leadership got together and decided that if we we're to crash it would only benefit if we we're a team still since we don't really care what others think, we decided to become a full fledged team. Crashing Violent Resolution along with the seperate alliance we ended up leaving. We've rebuilt and are now doing better then ever before with members coming from everywhere, all our enemys are now in dissaray and joined one massive team. Bonafied attempted to destroy us but their attempt failed. KOD pulling less and getting involved in places they shouldn't be, Bonafied enemys(?), Bad timing coming only with 10 people. The year coming to an end with a crash war with our long time allies Pure Hatred.











2012: Re-Contruction






After many long crashwars and many past enemies we've decided to go along and rebuild having lost Own_u_1107 and many old CD members and gaining new ones we can see ourselves building a bright future for this team..Around 3/11/12 we all decided to close and end last war with BK/Gladz pulling 40 and ending with 120, thanks everyone who came. Once cd forever cd. We decided to re-open a month later because everyone wanted to bring back CD as a lot of people supported the cause. So we re-opened our doors 1 month later. After months of fights and wars we became a dominant PvP team and marked our place in the wildy, we became a power house and started pulling 40~ pulls and dominating all over the wilderness. It ran through for the whole year and nobody would even contend with us in PvP, although in CWA we needed to pick it up. During the decline of clans and clans closing, the wilderness started ending when the year started coming to an end.










2012: The Destruction






Around this time there were a lot of teams that arose, BT coming back but then closing it's doors once more. We ended up destroying any enemys we had and everyone eventually started closing. KoD came to a closure concluding a small war/beef, KoD/Tk/Bt vs CD/LS and CD/LS coming out to be the dominant forces, our alliance became a force to be reckoned with. In the end, with the wilderness reaching another inevitable change, clans started closing, and teams started declining and everyone started to turn to CWA for results. After awhile with some internal problems, we got back on our feet. Starting with the destruction of Blacknights slowly crippling them and are in a fierce crashwar with them. CD strong, dominating **** clans on a daily basis. Crash war? Please, we live for them. After 3-4 weeks of destroying Blacknights, Reducing them from a clan that once pulled 30-40 on preps down to a clan that now struggles to pull 20 on a week prep, making many of their members leave, their leader 'Vanzant' decided to finally do what was best for his clan and that was to post the apology topic on runescape community forums. From then on Critical Damages activity picked up, we were back to pulling 40s on short preps, This is where we asked RSD for an hour cap wilderness fight in which we drew with them. Finally we has showen the clan world what CD was now capable of. As all of this was going on EOS and Solace had now got into another crashwar, resulting in Solace deciding to crash some of our CWA fights due to the high number of EOS and VR members in CD, Didnt phase us one bit we won both the CWA rounds, and now we are crashing Solace for the foreseeable future, Along with new allies Supreme Ownage the future is looking bright. Over the next few months we was apart of the biggest crashwar our team had been through, It wasn't like the past where we rolled up to clan events and crashed the clan for either helping BT or talking garbage on runescape community - the fights were long and tedious. Soon enough it turned into 7 clans versus our 3. Solace + The Titans + Wilderland + Pure Hatred + Downfall + The Kings and Legion of Souls -Vs- Echo Of Silence + Violent Resolution & Critical Damage. Through out the months the three clans on our alliance had grown close to each other, we massed decent numbers at any time of the day and from the start we were in it for the win. Little did we know soon things were going to get much easier, inevitably making us win the crashwar, each clan in our alliance got word of things happening on one fine October evening. We prepped hard for 3 days, the day came around our turnouts were awesome. VR massed up nearly 85 people while EOS + CD had 143 on teamspeak, October 24th 2012 was the day we put their **** talking to a stop. Hours after the rape fest cluster, Pure Hatred & Downfall got in touch with officials from each clan, they had both had enough of being Solace's meat shields and wanted out. They got out of the crashwar leaving Solace + TT, WL & TK with no way out. Ls had already died weeks prior to this date. This really worked in our favor We now could hunt TK whenever they went out without Solace being there, A week later we were hitting TK at any event they had in the wilderness, clearing them from w57 green hill and just generally smacking them all around. Tk started to turn to CWA for events due to not having clean fights, they fought clans like Demiros, clans which they had flamed in the past, but now TK was in a huge slump struggling to pull 25 and not winning fights versus anybody. The end was just around the corner for them. November 8th 2012, 'The Kings' closed leaving CD victorious, Operation Romeo was a success!.









Evolution of Combat (EoC)






Weeks later jagex brought out the evolution of combat update. This brought a new era to clanning. Many clans closed and few carried on plowing through. CD was one of the few which gave the EoC a shot, with many of our members finding it easy to adapt to the new way of warring we decided to carry on. Because of this we were easily able to compete with top clans, beating clans such as Violent Resolution, Divine Forces and RSD, no doubt about it, we was now ranked one of the top clans in the current standing clan world.



CD was on its peak, Pulling 70 and beating Divine forces in a 1 hour cap, beating RSD several times in clan wars and also the wilderness. As the weeks went by we grew stronger, Entering the 'Clan Europe Tournament' and reaching the finals in 3 categories out of the 5.








2013: 2007 RuneScape Servers






Jagex soon brought in yet another update to the game, The birth of old school pking once again. Clans started reopening, the likes of Damage Incorporated and Reign Of Terror made a return. CD went back to its '09 days' crashed every small clan for fun. Generally not caring and doing what ever we wanted. Few weeks into the new update a irrelevant clan thought it was a smart idea to leak some CD members in real life pictures. We quickly took control of the situation and they closed weeks later. Some of these members moved onto a even worse clan - Poison. Crashwar started with Poison due to them refusing to remove such members. Poison the next clan for CD to kill. As we continue onto the 07scape servers, we've grown A LOT from where we've first started. With CD pulling into to high 30s into mid 50s slaying Poison continuously, who are now reduced to pulling 5 people each crash trip, and contain a 20 man memberbase, we actively continued to fight on strong.






This carried on several months down the line, until Poison became Non-existent, not bothering to find events nor mass to crash CD's events. This is where CD grew to it's strongest point throughout 07' servers, being most active and also being the best team on the game.






2014: The End of Main Clanning






The beginning of 2014 started off good for us, still pulling high 30s to mid 50s fighting vitality/fools. we continued to grow and started to ask AF/CU for fights. Unfortunately they kept declining our fights knowing we would be outclassing them. Eventually Poison decided to join every team possible, so we decided to visit them at their fights. Team Trinity was one of the teams which got most hurt. Since there were clusters every sunday we decided to do a team cluster earlier in the day with Vitality/Fools and that's what happened for about a month. Team Trinity did come, but we cleared them off the map within minutes. Weeks later things had changed, several clans stopped fighting us due to them already knowing the outcome and that would be CD coming out with the win every time, no matter who it was. The only clan to fight us around this time would be Damage Incorporated and we were able to go kill to kill with them in clan wars even with a 10 man disadvantage. Again, we were no doubt one of the best clans in the game.






Our dominance became a huge problem, clans refused to fight us and action became non existent. We did the right thing, not wanting to waste our members time we closed our doors. In our eyes we had came and conquered the scene once again, and for that we were happy.






2015: The Pure Era






Something which started off small turned into something great. 3 members started our Pure Reign and those people would be B_S_E_Rs, DutchPkers, & Devil King93. First off level 20s were build with the intention of just pking for fun, joining other clan chats and bsing their members. A week or so later Bloodarrow42 made a return to CD and this is when a mass email was sent out to every former member of CD. Days later 25 or so old members were back each with their own pure.






We opened our own clan chat and CD started to grow once again. Our forum activity shot up and the CD we once remembered was back. A month down the line everybody was training and we were now around the 40-50 combat mark and pulling 50 people every night to PK trips. To our amazement there we tons of other pure clans roaming the wilderness. It didn't take long before we found ourselves in a rivalry with a clan called Fuse and within a month they had already closed.






We kept up the training grind and we reached the 60 combat mark. We started to get our name out there and clans would constantly try to take us on, sometimes 2v1 or even 3v1 but we were smarted and alot stronger. Soon after our second rivalry arose with a clan called Judgement. Every night we would each pull around the 50 mark and go at it for hours on end. No doubt about it they had been in the pure scene longer than us and had more experience but that wouldn't stop us. Judgement lasted about a few months before crippling under the pressure, and CD was left victorious yet again.
2016: The Imperial Merge



This year was an interesting year for us, absolutely destroying clans with all the odds stacked against us. Rising through the clan world ranking eventually taking #1 in cwa and wildy, pulling consistent 100's per trip for months on end. This year of all years had to have been the peak for Critical Damage. Despite clans teaming on us, fighting down 150-200 CD still climbed out on top.



During this year it would mark the end of the MPC era. We closed almost every clan who opposed us (Doom/Envy/Impact/AAO/Hazard) , with 3 clans left in the scene Olympus & Rage there were 2 options for them and that was either close to CD (like every other clan in the scene has) or go HPC. They decided collectively to move up, and mass train 39 defense and we followed.





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Guest Ⱬeke


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wow I remember writing this up years ago.


ill try and make a updated version from this one. 



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in 2016 we closed OP in mpc and than rage couldn’t handle the smoke so they moved up to HPC, we eventually mass trained 34-39 defense and closed rage and than every clan went back to 1 def 

we smoked rage in clan wars 

we smoked doom in clanwars


took errythang from em 

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Great topic man.


S0&KOD forever in my hearth Rip.

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